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Pneumatic exerciser (PE) by V. Muranivsky

Тренажер Пневматический Муранивского

В. Муранивский


Pneumatic exerciser (PE) by V. Muranivsky




Pneumatic exerciser by V.Muranivsky (PE) is used to train the upper zone of a vaginal canal. An improved  and modernized version of Pneumatic Exerciser by V.Muranivsky (PE) patented byY. Kornev (Patent RU 64062, RU 67447) is used in Imbuilding training.


PE is one of the main exercisers of Imbuilding technique which trains the  upper zone of a vaginal canal with pelvic and intimate muscles and increasing of intra-abdominal pressure.  You can see the practice result on the manometer.


It is also used for massage, training vaginal sides, for prevention of internal pelvic organs prolapse, for preparation to an easy childbirth, for prevention from manygynaecological diseases, for recovery of an excretory system, for solving of sexual incompatibility problems.


You should use the exerciser only when your pelvic muscles are well-trained!