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Laser exerciser (LE) by Y. Kornev

Юрий Корнев

Laser exerciser (LE) is used for training and controlling pelvic floor muscles (Levator Ani) and a lower zone of vaginal canal.


The creator of this exerciser (Patent RU 71555) is the founder of the Imbuilding technique (System Vagiton) Y. Kornev. It is the most unique exerciser in the world as for the level of a reverse tracking facility that helps you to test the state of your pelvic floor muscles.


Nowadays at the courses of the Internation School of Imbuilding the latest invention of Y.Kornev is used, a new and improved laser exerciser available in two different sizes. The difference between these sizes is in their diameter. Each of these exercisers is one-piece construction 115 mm rod with the egg-shape end at the diameter of 35 (20) mm. The other side of the rod is for the fixing of laser pointer.


LE is easy to handle and made of  bioinert medical polymer that does not destruct vaginal microflora.


The principle of operation is basedon the retraction and relaxing pelvic floor muscles (Levator Ani) and the training of these muscles apart from diaphragm (abdominal) breathing. How well you do  is indicated by the  laser pointer. According to the range of the ray of a laser pointer you may define the state and the dynamics of the development of pelvic floor (Levator Ani). The better your Levator Ani is tightened up, the lower a laser pointer is; the more relaxed it is, the higher is the pointer. Using the LE you can easily see how well your pelvic floor muscles are controlled and relaxed.

When to apply:

1.     Prevention from internal pelvic organs prolapse

2.     Increasing of intimate zones sensitivity and vaginal orgasm

3.     Preparing for easy childbirth

4.      Recovery of stretched pelvis and intimate muscles after a childbirth

5.      Normalization of irregular periods

6.     Improvement of blood and lymph circulation, of metabolism, congestion  elimination in pelvic organs

7.     After childbirth recovery of intimate muscles, prevention from intimate pelvic organs prolapse, normalization of the menstrual cycle, pelvicveins dilatation, preparation for easy childbirth, the enhancement of sexual feelings during an intercourse, development of vaginal orgasm.