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Kegel exerciser

Арнольд Кегель

Kegel exerciser

Kegel exerciser is used for training of pelvic floor muscles.

Arnold Kegel, the world famous scientist, professor of Medicine,a urologist and gynaecologist, in 40s of the last century began working on the problems of  women’s urology that is urinary incontinence caused by stress and after a childbirth as well as wrong anatomical position of women’s reproductive organs caused by different things. Special exercises known nowadays as ‘kegel’ exercises have been created as well as a special exerciser known as “Perineum Measurer (Perineumeter)” was made. During practices it was defined that preventive treatment of pelvic muscles influences female sexuality,sensitivity and orgasm. The most part of women felt orgasm for the first time and some of them felt it a few times while intercourse.

Y. Kornev improved  Kegel exerciser (Patent RU 64062, RU 67447) and now it is a pneumatic exerciser with a reverse tracking facility (manometer) and a nozzle made ofmedical silicone (Kegel cap) that is inserted into a vaginal zone of pelvic muscles. Kegel exerciser is a kind of expander that trains pelvic muscles. 

While squeezing pelvic muscles you change pressure in the nozzle that is shown on the manometer. This qualitative and quantitative feedback helps and stimulates functioning of pelvic muscles.

When to apply:

1.     Prevention from any internal pelvic organs prolapse

2.     Increasing of intimate zones sensitivity and vaginal orgasm

3.     Preparing for easy childbirth

4.     Recovery from over- stretched pelvis and intimate muscles after a childbirth

5.     Irregular periods

6.     Improvement of blood and lymph circulation, congestion  elimination in pelvic organs

7.     Regulation and recovery of hormonal balance, preventive treatment of hormones connected diseases, polyps, endometrium in the womb, myoma,ovarian cyst.

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