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Group Training (2 people) and Cost of Studying

Group Training (2 people) and Cost of Studying

Full training course of Imbuilding consists of 10 classes and includes:


Beginners` course – 4 classes (in a group of 4-5people). 1,5- hour class.

Basic course – 6 individual classes (2 people). 2 hour- class.

The basic of the Imbuilding Beginners` course is the methodology of International School of Imbuilding based on the mixture of physical exercises, yoga, pilates and it is dedicated to training practical skills of work with “Vaginal egg” exerciser.

The basics of the Imbuilding Basic course is the methodology described in a training manual by Y. Kornev.

The total length of the Imbuilding course is 2 months.

During the first month and a half trainings take place twice a week – one individual training of a Beginners` course and one of a Basic course.

The last half a month you will have trainings once a week.

You are trained by certified instructors in Imbuilding.

For doing Beginners` course in Ukrainian school of Imbuilding there is a comfortable, cozy, well-equipped, and conditioned gym with mirrors and special carpeting.

For Basic course trainings we use a special gym which has all necessary conditions for pair training with hygiene utilities and a dressing room. 

Form of Training

This form is the best for those who like training in groups, who like making acquaintances and look for the followers inImbuilding, for whom it is more interesting and comfortable to find out about Imbuilding technique in a group.

This kind of training is an ideal one for those who cannot afford or do not find it necessary to pay more for individual ones, and is ready by herself and with the help of a partner and an instructor to find out about the specialities of the techniques. The cost of this kind of training is much lower than of individual ones that is important for people who want to reduce the fee.

In this form of training you do personal work better as everybody understands that the other participant will also try to achieve the results. The simple spirit of competition stimulates and always helps to bein a good shape and is aimed at the result. The training participants have a good chance to exchange their opinions, to demonstrate their results of home practice, to get advice on any questions related not to Imbuilding only.

Under this approach you achieve the same results as with an individual training with additional advantages of experience exchange in group activity of theparticipants.

At group trainings you get all the necessary theoretical information, and you are explained all the technique of all training exercises of the Imbuilding course. The instructor shows video, photographs and pictures, as well as part of exercisers are demonstrated by the instructors themselves. She gives the detailed explanation of the technique of every exercise of the Imbuilding course. The instructor carries out the necessary discussion of the home task, work at mistakes and difficulties while doing it.

At every training personal results of every client are fixed in a computer to show their dynamics from training to training.

At the end of each training of a Basic course you are given home task for the next time.

As a result of training the course participants under the guidance of the instructor get all the necessary knowledge and skills. During the process of   Imbuilding course the clients will feel all their positive effects: health recovery, female diseases preventive treatment, sexuality development, better results in sexual life.

Having finished the course you obtain an International Certificate of the International Federation of Imbuilding.    

  Necessary equipment for trainings: comfortable clothes for exercising: a short skirt, socks, a towel. There is a dressing room where you can change your clothes, and hygiene facilities.

You have to wear clothes during training. There will be no extra visual or manual contract from the instructor.


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