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Программа курса по имбилдингу

Программа курса по имбилдингу.


Training: The Programme of Imbuilding

Knowledge and experience that we get during our life are an invaluable contribution to the development of any Woman. This knowledge is becoming more actual nowadays when cosmetology, plastic surgery with all its wonders are available to any Woman, when it is difficult to excel, and be unique and irresistible for a strong half of humanity. As only self-esteem, harmony and confidence in her individuality make a Woman loved and happy.

Mastering of ancient techniques of love known under the title of “Imbuilding” is the way to perfection and internal harmony, happiness and desirability, health, love of yourself and of the world around.

The basis of the programme of Imbuilding is the methodology described in a training manual by Y. Korenev “System Vagiton: Effective Training of Female Intimate Muscles”.

The Programme of Imbuilding Course:

Basics of Imbuilding

Studying pelvis organs and intimate muscles

The check of the state of pelvic floor muscles with the help of Laser exerciser (LE) by Y.Kornev, Kegel exercise, exerciser “Vaginal Egg”.

Testing of condition of the upper zone of a vaginal canal and the associated muscles with the help of pneumatic exerciser (PE) by V.Muranivsky.

Testing of elasticity of vaginal canal with the help of pneumatic exerciser (PE) by V.Muranivsky.

Mastering of basic elements “Uddiyana”, “Nauli”(absorption technique)

Mastering of pelvic floor muscles contraction technique without exercisers

Breathing exercises. Abdominal breathing technique

Using of the combination of abdominal breathing and pelvic floor muscles contraction techniques

Mastering of the lower part of abdominal contraction technique with the simultaneous relaxation of the upper part of abdominal muscles

Using of the combination of pelvic floor muscles and the lower abdominal part contraction techniques

Mastering of the method of urethra vaginal sphincter compression

Doing exercises with Laser exerciser (LE) by Y.Kornev.

Exerciser “Vaginal egg”. Basic exercises without weight (lying and standing positions)

Training of an egg keeping with the weight in a standing position

Mastering of the technique of carrying an egg with exercising in contraction (training during the day)

Doing exercises with the Kegel exerciser

PE by V.Muranivsky. Preliminary exercises before using the exerciser

Exercises for Abdominal muscles “Bellyroll”, “Tower”

PE by V.Muranivsky. Mastering of massage techniques

PE by V,Muranivsky. Exercise “Compression”

PE by V.Muranivsky. Exercise “Resistance”

Studying of different ways of work with PE in different intercourse positions with movement

Prolapse preventive treatment and doing different exercises on the recovery of anatomical position of reproductive organs with and without exercisers

Skills mastering of vaginal orgasm, multi-orgasm while using the imbuilding techniques in the process of intercourse

Basics of matrimonial therapy. Help to a man with erection problems, muscles massage of a penis

Preparation for a childbirth for an easier passing of a baby through vagina and entrance muscles. Mastered before getting pregnant!

Studying and usage of special techniques of absorption, shooting skills and other tricks with the help of a special additional set (on request).

For doing the programme of the course the following exercisers are necessary:

1.Exerciser “Vaginal egg” (EE)

2.Laser exerciser (LE) by Y.Kornev

3.Kegel Exerciser

4.Pneumatic exerciser (PE) by V.Muranivsky