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Мастер-класс  "Секреты настоящего мужчины" 26.05.19  


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"Ласки Гебы-искусство орально-мануальных ласк" 25.05.2019.


Имбилдинг и современные методики развития интимных мышц.


Imbuilding and modern methodologies of intimate muscles training.


Modern ways of evaluating strength of intimate muscles are based on electronic and computerized equipment, electromyograms of new generation. It provides more accurate evaluation of intimate muscles strength than it was possible in the times of  Dr.Kegel. A modernised and approved model of Kegel exerciser was created. A number of Kegel’s followers, including the ones in Russia, do everything they can to revive and improve exercisers with reverse tracking facility and to re-establish the belief in the theory of the best American doctor-pioneer.


American scientists proved that a good toning of pelvic floor muscles not just improve metabolism but also has a great effect on brain as its structures get activated. These scientific researches proved again what was known to ancient indian healers who mentioned a special type of energy ‘ kundalini’- an energy that reaches brain through the spine and then nourishes it.


Great achievements in the area of intimate muscles development were made in modern Europe. Scientists and doctors pay special attention to the historical experience in the area of intimate muscles development of eastern cultures, do modern researches and implement the results in treatment and prevention from numerous urinary and pelvic diseases of men and women. A lot of professional contributions are made to national health care that is always a priority of any developed and democratic country. In France, for example, medical insurance covers post- natal recovery programme that consists of 10 classes of pelvic floor muscles exercises. This programme includes various methods of training e.g. conscious contractions of muscles when a midwife manually checks the work of muscles, myostimulation and many more.


In Austria, Dr. Karl Schtifter (?), who is a member of the World Association  for  Sexual Health and World Congress for Sexual Health, founded Institute of Sexual Therapy in 1980 and also invented a famous exerciser for pelvic floor muscles training called SOMI(?).


Modern knowledge in the area of development and strengthening of intimate muscles is associated with the name of V.Muranivsky in Russia and other CIS countries. He is considered to be the first person here who created the idea of intimate muscles training. Being an engineer by qualifications, V.Muranivsky patented in 90s a few exercisers that he made on the basis of exercisers from China and Kegel’s. V.Muranivsky is a founder of Vumbuilding methodology (VUM-vaginally controlled muscles). He wrote a number of  books and articles. After he died, his business of vumbuilding methodology was continued by his students.


Y.Kornev is one of V.Muranivsky’s students and the founder of imbuilding methodology. He is also the leader of International Federation of Imbuilding ‘StanuSuper’ in Russia that has representatives in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Beulorussia, France, USA.  Y.Kornev has 7 patented inventions.


The exercisers by Y.Kornev meet the highest standards and are made from the highest quality medical material, easy in use, effective, reliable, safe and long-lasting.


In 2009 Moscow Academy of Public Administration in collaboration with non-commercial public organisation ‘Health of Russia’ implemented a new subject called


 ‘Intimiology (?) and Gender psychophysiology’ in curriculum, the new lecture course involves the subject of Intimate muscles training, sexual health practices and exercisers for intimate muscles training . The course was written by Y.Kornev.


 Y.Kornev is the leading professor of faculty of Gender psychology and psychophysiology of Moscow Academy of Public Administration under the president of Russian Federation.




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