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Имбилдинг и история развития интимных мышц в различных сексуальных культурах

Вернутся на страницу “Имбилдинг” Imbuilding and history of intimate muscles training in sexual lives of different cultures. At all times and in every society where people not just strove to survive but also developed spiritually and intellectually, a great care was taken for a good maintenance of intimate muscles. Techniques of intimate muscles control have been known since ancient times in China, Japan and other Eastern countries. In ancient times these techniques were practised in pursuit of different targets. These techniques were taught as a special art and then this knowledge was passed from generation to generation. Wooden and stone eggs, various exercisers and techniques were used for vaginal muscles training. This kind of training is described in Kama Sutra, Tantra, Dao and many other ancient treatises. Various sacred techniques that helped to develop female sexuality existed in different cultures, including pagan culture of ancient Slavs in pre-Christian period. African culture. Ancient cultures intuitively looked after their physical health, development, longevity and birth of healthy offsprings. In those times their survival directly depended on it. For example: tribal leaders of some African countries when choosing a wife organised ritual contests. Chosen beauties were given a green plum that they had to squeeze by using their vaginal muscles. The ‘champion’ and winner of such an Olympic competition became the bride of the tribal leader. Primitive tribes and cultures had intuitive knowledge of physiology. A tribal leader had to have numerous healthy offsprings. A woman with a weak physiology was unable to provide that./N.Belova/ Arab culture. In the East the sexual energy and arousing female power are closely related to the image of a dancer. Emperors’ palaces were full of dancers who had to excite and seduce their masters. But it was not only for erotic feeling or excitement. Men subconsciously perceived those kind of women as goddesses with magic knowledge. The ancient art of bellydance with no doubt helped the privileged women who practised it to control and manage their intimate muscles, to awake their sexual energy and to acquire glamour, beauty and charm. Even modern medicine does not deny that bellydance can be used as an alternative way to treat cervical erosion, ovary spasms, chronic inflammation processes as well as to prevent stagnation in pelvic organs. Another mission of bellydance was to prepare for and ease up the process of childbirth. The art of bellydance involves an active participation of deep abdominal and pelvic muscles. Reproductive organs of a woman who practises bellydance are well massaged during dancing. When bellydancing deep muscles relax, vaginal muscles get trained and the probability of labour injuries reduces, the process of childbirth itself becomes easier and less painful. Japanese culture. Japanese culture of female sexuality, like any other, is multifaceted and versatile. Japan is famous in the world not only for its advanced technological achievements but also for its great and mysterious geishas. Despite common belief, geishas are not prostitutes. Significantly, that with the emergence of profession as a geisha, they were forbidden by law to provide sexual services for money. One of the two ways of becoming a geisha was a strict philosophical system Fu Dzu that existed in cathedrals where teaching was provided by men only. Sex was categorically excluded. Final stage of geishas’ education was ’ Brazing Chrysanthemum’. This way of learning meant exploring male eroticism, mastering sexual skills and exercises. For example, geisha could shoot a small ball with her vaginal muscles into a tea cup at the distance of 3-5 meters. The number of tricks and abilities was impressive but why so much effort when, according to the tradition, ‘Blazing Chrysanthemum’ remained virgin all her life? The answer is simple. Not a single cathedral woman could achieve perfection without this kind of art as her vagina was constantly losing vitality. Only trained intimate muscles prevented such a loss. Moreover, trained muscles generated additional vital energy, without which it was impossible to achieve the level of ‘Perfect woman’. Chinese and Indian cultures. The art of eastern love was refined for thousands of years. There are two main schools of sexual art in the East- Indian and Chinese. In Eastern cultures unskilled women in love are called ‘soft dough’ or ‘worn out shoe’. It’s not hard to guess why. One of the most well-known techniques of intimate muscles and sexual energy transformation in Tantra is “Vajroli -Mudra” (Diamond printing). The other technique is called “Uddiyana Bandha.” It involves, after having exhaled all the air out, contraction of vagina and abdomen, lifting of diaphragm. It is very similar to some bellydancing moves. Yoga also has an exercise for the development of intimate muscles – “Mula Bandha” . “Mula Bandha’’ locks vaginal muscles and prevents loss of the vital energy source. This yoga technique helps to lock and direct vital energy to the right canals and energetic centers in the human body. In the Indian treatise of love Kama Sutra there are descriptions of some techniques of intimate muscles work in different positions e.g. ‘Absorption’, ‘Whirlpool’, ‘ Rocking’ etc That’s what she is like, the eastern love! No wonder that the East became the birthplace of a famous AtoZ for lovers-Kama Sutra. The first exerciser discovered in China was 4000 years old. In China they paid a special attention to sexual energy transformation (Kundalini, Qi, Jing etc)and intimate muscles development. The picture of the first ancient Chinese exerciser is on the right. The secrets of intimate muscles development were kept in emperors’ palaces and their wives only were taught those secrets. They practised techniques of intimate muscles control with the help of nephrite eggs. Nowadays Thai and Malaysian ladies demonstrate intimate muscles mastery in various commercial shows. You can see butterflies, fish or birds flying out of their intimate places. Any guy will be ready to give out anything for one night with a lady like that.


Ancient Slavic Culture. In ancient times, a slavic goddess of love, Kupala, was worshipped and only the chosen wise Slavic women ‘Beregini’ studied the art of love. It is not known whether Slavic women used any equipment in order to train their intimate muscles. But it is known that a sacred female practice of womb chanting was created in Slavic culture. This kind of chanting was practised to greet the appearance of a pagan god Yarilo(God of Sun). During these ritual chanting, that reminded of female screaming at the moment of ecstasy, the main function of sound production belonged to intimate muscles, that is why they are called womb chanting. The technique of womb chanting was used for intimate muscles training by special Slavic females ‘Bereginis’. The power and level of sound was produced in vagina and activated general energy, magnetism and sexuality. Womb chanting was actively applied by ancient midwives and women in labour. It was believed that these sounds contributed to painless opening of birth canals and injury free labours. In addition to womb chanting the special Slavic women ‘Beregini’ could control their intimate muscles during periods: they squeezed them tightly and did not allow blood to leak. In that condition they were able to survive in long journeys or do things until they could find a possibility to perform their hygiene. Slavic women knew special vaginal techniques that involved blowing in a small amount of water in their vagina, it would cause the closure of cervix and allow fearless engagement in a full sexual activity with the loved one. After such an intercourse, the sperm was easily washed out. It helped to keep health and emotional balance. Western culture. The West developed in a different direction. After Christianization of Rome, Mediterranean countries and the rest of Europe, peoples’ lives were partially regulated by the Bible  (in one or another interpretation). Religion taught pseudo-morals. Carnal feelings were declared as vulgar. There were particularly harsh restrictions to women. Sex was only recognised for childbirth. It’s difficult to imagine how distant the western world was from the East in questions regarding sex and female role in sexual relationships. The information about intimate muscles was erased from the consciousness of western people on a genetic level since the times of paganism. Totalitarian regime of the former Soviet Union degenerated the knowledge in the areas of sex, sexual health and intimate muscles development. The famous phrase: ‘There is no sex in the USSR’, explains a lot.

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