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Имбилдинг для мужчин

Imbuilding for Men

Why is Imbuilding necessary for a modern man? We could start with physiology details and list all the main organs for which Imbuilding is useful. But we shall try to begin with the most important things and isolate the two main problems men pay attention to.

The first reason is erection problems

It may seem strange but many men try to take measures mostly at the stage when the problem is very serious. But still when only some malfunctions appear it is the reason to think at your state of health.

What is the erection? 

As one can read in a special  glossary of terms, erection is an increase of a penis and its hardening because of increase of arterial blood supply to its cavernous bodies. Many mammals penetrate into their females vagina also with the help of baculum– a penis bone made by a connective tissue ofcavernous bodies. Most ofprimates have also got it but not Homo Sapiens.

Human penis is an absolutely unique organ! Scientists call it the wonder of biomechanics. Soft and supple in a relaxed state it can be of bone densityin a state of erection. But (!) this kind of density is only possible with maximum erection – when the penis “top” is in a vertical state (nearly reaches the navel). In case with the erection of 90° up the density is not so impressive. The stem is pushed with the fingers. For the sake of scientific interest you may check it yourselves.

But why should men try if even such a “half” erection is quite enough for successful intercourse with your partner? But here is where the secret is. The thing is that only at the maximum erection the man is able to reach maximum satisfaction. The fully erected penis is of increased erogenous sensitivity which makes the level of sexual sensations higher and absolutely different. Naturally a man desiring this kind of sensations will be looking for the situations and new partners who will be able to provide him with that. But not always the situation and the partner are able to help.

Blood stagnation. Impossible erection

As we have already mentioned, the erection is provided not by the muscles contractions but with blood filling of special structures of penis. As blood supplyplays the main role  you may assume the fact that the slightest dysfunction in it can make a bad influence on man`s reproductive system making erection not as impressive as you would like to have.   

NB! Impotence (scientific – “erectile dysfunction”) is an incapability of a man to reach or to support long enough the state of erection to make an intercourse and to satisfy the partner.

Practically in all the resources specializing at man`s health they pay lots of attention to venous blood stagnation in pelvic organs. It is a negative consequence of walking upright and is typical to all human beings. By the end of a working day all lower part of the body including legs and pelvic muscles may have the dysfunction of their nutrition – the drain of the stagnated blood and lymph is broken, new portions of them are restrained. And as a result you have the lack of oxygen and vital substances.  

Imagine a river. Flowing from the mountains flood is clear and transparent. Such water consisting of melted waters is very tasty, there is rear and very precious fish in it. But as soon as it is on the plain the flood speed slows down, and in the widest places where its waters are not stimulated to flow there appear marshycreeks where only frogs are ready to live. In further time at such places only swamps and creeks may be not as clear as mountain  rivers. The same thing happens in our body. Stagnation does not do any good.

Possible problem solutions

Many men use the so-called “erectile rings” to increase eraction. In many cases they help quite well but the more effect can be reached by Imbuilding muscles exercisers.

Of course, they are not a panacea as the cause of impotence can be not only blood stagnation but very many other things including psychological ones and atherosclerosis. But for a nominally healthy person such trainings for a few minutes a day help to eliminate the purely physiological possibility of the problem.      

NB! Imbuilding training is  to help not only with sexual dysfunction of a man but in addition to this is to save from hemorrhoids which is also caused by blood stagnation in pelvic organs.  


The second reason iscare for prostate

Prostate is a very important organ for a man. Some even call it “a second heart”. Anyway, disbalances in the structure or its malfunctioning influence physical and psychological health of a man.

Prostate – what is the problem?

Prostate is a comparatively small glandular organ holding tightly urethra canal. It consists of separate small pieces producing a glandular secretion which is the main sperm component. The production of a glandular secretion continues all the time but at the absence of erection in a very little quantity. The main functional activity of the organ is during the interaction when abundantly produced secretion isfully outflowof all gland ducts.   

If the produced secretion outflow goes on all the time, the gland is healthy. But it is not always so. When men reach the age of 40 they often start having problems with their health. The gland gets bigger (doctors call it “hyperplasia”), it squeezes urethra canal. Going to a toilet at night, you do not get enough sleep, you feel depressed and nervous, and then you have not a hyperplasia, but adenoma and then cancer of prostate. The perspective is not positive, let us say so. And what is the cause? It is stagnation caused by the improper secretion outflow.

WHAT TO DO with stagnation?                                                                  

Answering this common question we may definitely say – you must get rid of it as soon as possible!

NB! If you have gotprostatitis you might be prescribed a prostatemassage as one of the treatment options to improve the secretion outflow. Prostate massage is done through anus.

Something like that is possible when you are at home. It is possible to offer two variants.

1.                             Your partner’s hands. While caressing your partner may massage your prostate through a perineum or by a finger through an anus.

2.                             Your own effort is Imbuilding training. Pelvic muscles are anatomically connected with a prostate, that is why their active rhythmical squeezing provides a massage to the gland. Quite often during such kind of training a man gets some pleasant feelings ina perineum that means the organ actively reacts to its training.

Am I not a pervert?  

This question certainly arises in minds of many men who have noticed a special reaction of their body to a prostate massage. For a man from western culture getting pleasure through anus stimulation is like an apostasy. This  kind of things are considered to be abnormal and up to the latest time had been taken asperverted.

But can you think of the things useful for your health as abnormal ones? Maybe, the same question was asked by the eastern people in the ancient times where the art of erotic massage was a necessary component of a successful sexual life full of its value. In India, China, Japan sex was taken as a necessary part of a healthy life style that is why such kind of questions never arose.

Nowadays according to the Eastern traditions and modern scientific approach one can definitely say that a man who is inclined to get pleasure through prostate stimulation is just more sexually sensitive.


The whole body orgasm 

It is necessary to speak about the questions of sensuality separately. The orgasm got by the stimulation of the top of the penis is akinto the woman’s clitoralone. It is powerful, strong but short and shallow. Just in a few seconds you do not feel anything. The orgasm got by the prostate stimulation is may be compared with the woman’s vaginal one. Its deep waves of pleasure may last not just for a minute and may bring you absolutely new sensations.

So, let`s get to training!

So, what does a man get from Imbuilding technique all in all? Here is a short list of all its advantages:

          No stagnation in pelvic muscles. As a consequence, getting rid of hemorrhoids andincreasing of erection.

         Healthy  prostate that results in a deep sensitivity and the capability to feel inner orgasm.

         Strengthening of the spermatic cords and the muscles supporting testicles

          Spermatogenesis activation because of the increased tone of  deferent canals

          Smooth muscle toning and improving the condition of the mucous in urethra canal 

         Control of ejaculation

As a result a trained man will match his trained woman. And all together they get an opportunity to develop and to deepen their sexual sensations.

Training in Imbuilding will not require from you any additional efforts. There is no need to go to a gym or to buy any additional equipment. After working out some special skills you will not even need your attention – all will happen in a semi-autonomous way.

It is absolutely enough to train your pelvic muscles using special techniques for a few minutes a day, and your intimate life will start to change for much better and become brighter and more colourful!