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Имбилдинг, Арнольд Кегель, развитие и укрепление интимных мышц.

Imbuilding, Arnold Kegel, development and strengthening of intimate muscles.

Arnold Kegel, a world known American scientist in the field of gynaecology and urology, assistant professor of gynaecology in the University of S.California, started a unique research on the causes and reasons of female incontinence after childbirth and due to age- related changes.

The main reason of those problems was weak pelvic floor. Arnold Kegel saw the solution of this problem in the process of developing and strengthening of these muscles. He developed and offered his patients a complex of special exercises in their treatment of stressful urinary incontinence that they suffered after childbirth while coughing, jumping, running, sneezing or laughing.

These exercises are worldly known as ‘kegel’ exercises. Before Dr.Kegel started his research, urinary incontinence was only treated by surgical methods. Kegel taught his patients to develop pelvic floor muscles by doing these exercises. Many women managed to develop and strengthen their muscles without surgery due to these exercises and Dr.Kegel.

Arnold Kegel taught his patients to develop their pelvic floor muscles by numerous muscles contractions. Pelvic floor muscles are skeleton muscles and can be developed in the same way as any other skeleton muscles in a human body. Kegel knew that the stronger pelvic floor muscles are the better it would be for urinary continence.

During these trainings female patients acquired an additional effect. The quality of their sexual life has improved immensely. Many patients not just treated their problem with urinary incontinence but also began to get much stronger and brighter orgasms. Some of his patients experienced orgasm for the first time in their life. ‘Kegel’ exercises increase vaginal sensitivity that allows women to reach culmination much faster.

Most Kegel’s patients managed not just to cure from illnesses but also to improve their sexual relationships due to orgasms and multiorgasms.

Trained pelvic floor muscles provide a stronger gripping of penis during sexual intercourse. Woman is able to provide a natural massage to her partner during intercourse by using her intimate muscles. It is also known that ‘kegel’ exercises are very useful for men as well.

In addition to exercises, Kegel invented the first in the world exerciser for intimate muscles training. This exerciser had a reverse tracking facility that allowed to monitor results during training. The modernised exerciser of Kegel is called Kegel exerciser.

Kegel believed that a woman who saw a slow but stable progress on a manometer  would be well motivated to continue her training.


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