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Дистанционное обучение

Елена Мельник с ученицей из Казахстана

Distant Individual Training and Cost of Studying


This course is for those who cannot have an individual training with the instructor in the center “Formula of Love” of the International School of Imbuilding in Kiev or in its affiliates but would like to master all the technique and skills of the school in the shortest period of time with the certified instructor.

As it is an individual training, you have got an opportunity to achieve the results sooner than while self-training at the expense of more effective approach to teaching. Alongside with it you are not to spend time on your work at the theory and practice as all the necessary information is explained by the instructor and training passes in an easy and comfortable way. You are only to do exercises and to inform your instructor as for your results.

At this kind of training, like at an individual one, the instructor works only for your result, corrects your mistakes in time and coordinates the process of doing exercises explaining to you the essence of the process itself. The training is carried out taking into account all clients’ individual requirements and needs, such as training schedule, result timing, specialities of exercising, individual difficulties while training. All the instructor’s knowledge and skills will be shared with you in the most convenient way. You will not have to deal with theory and learn from your mistakes. All the exercises are explained by the instructor on the models and pictures and also he/she questions you on your process of doing exercises that eliminates any mistakes.

Form of Training

The course is made up of 6 individual classes. The length of each class is 2 hours.

The basis of the course is the methodology described in a training manual by Y. Kornev (Vagiton System).

 The total length of the Imbuilding course is 2 months.

The date of trainings and the interval between them are discussed before, so you have an opportunity to reach your results in the most comfortable tempo for you. And at the end of the course you will get all the necessary skills and knowledge with the help of the instructor and by the end of the course you will have achieved all your targets in a maximum short period of time.

The training procedure

For the training you will need a set of exercisers with the  training manual and a demonstration disk, access to the Internet, a microphone or a web-cam with a microphone, amplifiers or a headphones for a computer, Skype or MAIL-AGENT programmes (you may download the programmes on their links), a pen and a copybook for notes.

At the video session the instructor tells you all the necessary information on the anatomy, technicality of every exerciser, and gives the details of every exercise of the Imbuilding technique.

All the exercises that are possible to demonstrate you demonstrate to your instructor during online session in order for her to correct any mistakes you might have and to provide you with a clear understanding on the correct performance of every exercise as well as to let you avoid any mistakes when you practice on your own.

At the beginning of every session the instructor fixes the achieved result in a card, questions you on your exercising and the difficulties you have had.

At the end of every session he/she sends you the task for the following training by email. During the intervals between sessions you do your home tasks.

During the session the instructor will definitely find out how you understand this or that exercise and how you do it, and will explain to you the right technique of doing it in the clearest way.

The total cost of the full Basic Imbuilding course (6 classes) is 3600 UAH. 

Елена Мельник с ученицей из Казахстана

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