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О женском имбилдинге, обучение, видео упражнений

The International Federation of Imbuilding.

International school of Imbuilding was open in 2009 in ‘Formula of Love’, a center of harmonious development. In this school women are trained to develop their intimate muscles on the basis of Imbuilding methodology.

Over the years women who took training in the school come from many different parts of Ukraine as well as from Germany, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Great Britain, Denmark, Belorussia, Finland, Australia, Canada, US and many other countries.

Since 2010 ‘Formula of Love’ runs the instructor’s training programme for those who would like to become a certified instructor of Imbuilding. There are many branches open in a number of regions of Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In January 2013 The International Federation of Imbuilding was established on the basis of existing branches and representatives of ‘Formula of Love’.

Imbuilding methodology (system Vagiton) is based on the best ancient practices and techniques derived from yoga, tao, tantra, kama sutra and bellydance in combination with modern researches and inventions of Dr.Arnold Kegel, an American gynaecologist and urologist; Vladimir Muranivsky, an engineer and  inventor of a pneumatic exerciser that was improved and modernised by one of his students, Yurij Kornev, the author of 8  patented inventions, laser exerciser and the founder of imbuilding methodology (system Vagiton) and N.I. Dashchenko, an author of imbuilding manual and the director of ‘Formula of Love’, a center of harmonious development.

The International Federation of Imbuilding is a recognized leader in women’s education of imbuilding (system Vagiton) and preparation of certified instructors in Ukraine and other countries.

The training programme accumulates the best techniques and secrets of the art of love from different methodologies to develop sexuality, sensuality and uniqueness of each woman and simultaneously improve her health. The target of the programme is to make every woman who wishes to study imbuilding feel and become a true goddess of love.

Man is my master and he is a slave of my love.

The International Federation of Imbuilding closely collaborates with the leading experts in the field of gynaecology, andrology and sexology. These professionals appreciate the work of the Federation, support the methodology of imbuilding(system Vagiton) and help to implement it in practice.

The International Federation of Imbuilding and its instructors are filmed in many leading Ukrainian TV channels such as Inter, 1+1 channel, the new channel, STB,channel city, channel TAT, and a lot of articles and reviews are dedicated to their work.

The methodology of teaching and the equipment used are the best in CIS countries.      

All the specialists of the International Federation of Imbuilding pursue one important aim:’ Be the best in teaching the secret knowledge of the art of love to our women making them real goddesses of love!’ All we do, we do with professionalism and love to our clients and our job!

Classes, seminars and master-classes are held in fantastic premises specially designed for this purpose.

Methodology and experience of The International Federation of Imbuilding are available to all women who not just dream but also believe that they can become unique by putting some efforts in the creation of this uniqueness!

Welcome to the center of harmonious development’ Formula of Love’ (The International Federation of Imbuilding)!



The Roots of Imbuilding

So it happened that women’s (as well as men’s to a certain extent)health and personal life are naturally determined by the condition of their intimate muscles that comprise pelvic floor muscles, vaginal canal and associate muscles.

It’ s not a secret that most women have weak pelvic floor muscles, vaginal canal and ligaments that are unable to carry out their functions for a number of reasons.

Modern women do different types of fitness since childhood without realising that pelvic floor muscles are still excluded from those workouts. Most women’s intimate muscles are already deprived from natural toning by the time they reach puberty. In future the situation gets worse due to childbirth, abortions, age-related physical changes, inactive way of life and lack of sexual education.

Weakness of pelvic floor muscles, vaginal canal and associated muscles causes almost all gynaecological diseases including urinary incontinence, prolapse, inflammations, infertility, all kinds of tumours (endometriosis, myoma, uterine fibroid etc.)

Not many of us know that the correct anatomical position of uterus and ovaries essential in pregnancy and childbirth depends on the condition of pelvic floor muscles. Infertility might be caused by the weakness of pelvic floor muscles and vaginal canal. There are a lot of cases when long awaited pregnancy is not possible until these muscles are well recovered and strengthened. Do many of us know that the lack of pelvic floor muscles toning is a source of a huge number of sexual problems and frustrations that cause unsatisfactory relationships due to the absence of orgasm and sex.

All these problems do not comply with the meaning of happiness and love and lead to the loss of life interest and health deterioration, disharmony in sexual and private life and an increasing number of divorces. Women are not the only ones who suffer but also men and children growing up in broken families.

All we need is not to forget that the main purpose of woman in this world is to love, to give birth and to bring up children.

The true women passed the knowledge of love secrets from generation to generation, these women were considered to be special. What is also important to remember is that words and nagging are not the main weapon of a woman but the art of love.

Imbuilding is a methodology used with special equipment for development and strengthening of intimate muscles. All the equipment has a reverse tracking facility that allows women to track their results of trainings within reasonable time frame. It helps to increase progress and motivation during training.

Intimate muscles comprise vaginal muscles and all the muscles group of pelvic floor as well as associated muscles that take an active part in sexual activity and play an important role in female health. Imbuilding methodology(system Vagiton) will help any woman indeed to achieve perfection and become the only and irresistible one who men dream about and create poems and songs.

Knowledge and expertise in imbuilding will allow any woman to broaden her sexual scenario and abilities, to reduce vaginal volume to the size of a young goddess, to learn the ways of getting numerous and bright orgasms, to learn the secrets of love of the greatest seductresses of all times and to become the one and only for her partner.

Imbuilding will help a woman to know how to control orgasm of her partner, to diversify sex due to the variety of muscles abilities and special techniques and also to become a natural exerciser for the development and strengthening of her partner’s sexual health.

There is nothing to compare with Imbuilding in the most effective process of childbirth preparation as well as in post-natal recovery. Imbuilding will help any woman to get well prepared for a successful pregnancy and painless childbirth and to reduce her overstretched muscles during childbirth to their initial size.

Generally, Imbuilding improves blood circulation and metabolism, provides treatment and prevents from numerous gynaecological diseases, normalise hormones and menstruation, prolongs youth and female longevity.

Is it worth to try imbuilding? It depends on how much you love yourself and your man.

The doors of the International Federation of Imbuilding are always open to real women who deserve a divine love!