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Мастер-класс  "Секреты настоящего мужчины" 26.05.19  



Акция 4999грн.! Имфитнес 14 занятий +тренажеры   4 занятия в подарок


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До начала 3 дня

"Ласки Гебы-искусство орально-мануальных ласк" 25.05.2019.


Мастер-класс «Ласки Гебы – искусство орально-мануальных ласк»!

Lasky Hebe oral-art chiropractic caresses!” Lovely woman! Create a treat for yourself and your man! Awaken your sexual energy, become skillful mistress, memorable and unique, acknowledge all the mysteries of sex games! This training will allow you to feel fuller unmatched sorceress oral sex, bring yourself to your chosen not only in the bedroom, but also in other areas of your life! ACTION FOR NEW YEAR FROM FORMULA LOVE! 1. GIFT dildo!

The training program : ♥ reveal a secret potential and new opportunities in the art of oral sex. ♥ You shall know the techniques in discovering their sexuality and learn what erotic setting , lifting your particular sexual energy. ♥ master the most exciting techniques Preludes . ♥ Awaken magic points on the body and find your favorite spot on the “million dollars.” ♥ Learn how to massage the Lingam – secret weapon eastern Weaver . ♥ learn the secrets and techniques of manual fine fondling of genital massage , prostate massage. ♥ you will know the secrets of the erotic ” anchoring .” ♥ mastered more than 30 techniques and methods of manual fondling and fellatio can surprise every man . ♥ Learn to kiss Hathor and know the mysteries and chips oral sex. ♥ master the Royal blowjob and master the technique of ” deep throat “. ♥ master the technique correct use of intimate poses in the oral arts. ♥ Learn how to deliver an unusually bright orgasm favorite .

real dessert master class will be the art of eating oranges on manhood! Training conducted by certified instructor Center “Formula of Love” (International Federation imbilding) certified sexologists Svetlana Grabow and Elena Melnik.

Time: Saturday from 11.00 to 13. 00 (2:00) Location: Centre of Formula of Love. Cost: individual – 900 UAH., In the group – 650 UAH. 500 UAH. The “Maximum” on ICTV with Svetlana Grabovoj on “On zahistі oral sex. Maximum in Ukraїnі.”  

The “Maximum” on ICTV with Svetlana Grabovoj in the comic story Manualnye affection are ridiculous.”

The full version of the story you can see on the official website of ICTV channel program “Maximum”. Seats are limited. Pre-registration required.