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Master class on imbilding: “Secrets of the great lovers”

REGISTER Every Woman is a masterpiece created by God . Each woman is unique and inimitable . But the conditions of modern life makes women forget about it , he settled in her soul doubt , uncertainty and fear . Give yourself frankly answer the following questions: ♥ ♥ Do you believe that sensuality, sexuality and orgasmic laid by nature in every woman ? ♥ ♥ Do you believe that it is possible to give birth without pain and injuries ? ♥ ♥ Do you believe that you can get pregnant even when doctors say “no” ? ♥ ♥ Do you believe that women can treat gynecological diseases without a scalpel , injections and pills? ♥ ♥ Do you believe that to be really young , desirable , sexy and happy to old age ? If there is any doubt about the answers to the questions posed above , this workshop is for you! Visiting our masterclass secrets Great Mistresses will be made available for you! Certified instructor Ukrainian school imbilding open you the secrets of female perfection, to help you become a confident , loved, the one and only ! On our master class we will refund you the confidence , dispel fears and doubts , help endear themselves and perceive themselves unique and the only ! You will learn the secrets of the Great Mistresses , open your formula for love ! Your answers to the questions above will not monosyllabic “Yes” or “No” , and “I know how it is ! I do it ! ” THEY HAVE COME TO YOU ! And you? Master Class Program: ♥ ♥ Does imbilding historical roots? ♥ ♥ What can we say modern techniques we develop intimate muscles. ♥ ♥ A little anatomy not hurt, or what we train. ♥ ♥ What have trainers, or what we train. ♥ ♥ Footage confirmation glagolyaschey truth. ♥ ♥ A little shock therapy for the most persistent. And in conclusion you will see something that has never been seen before - on the techniques of exclusive footage of ownership intimate muscles! Format: Saturday from 14.00 to 17.00 (3 hours) Price 350 UAH. REGISTER

Стрельба по мишени

Стрельба по мишени

Стрельба по шарам

Стрельба по шарам


Наталья Дащенко

Natalia Dashchenko - Director of the Center Formula of Love, the head of the Ukrainian School imbilding.

Елена Мельник

Elena Melnik - assistant imbilding Ukrainian schools. Certified Instructor of the International School imbilding StanuSuper.” Certified master of erotic Thai massazhu.Spetsializiruetsya on a combination of breathing practices, elements of yoga and eastern techniques of management and development of intimate muscles.

Светлана Грабова

Svetlana Grabow - Certified Instructor International School imbilding StanuSuper“, creator of the “tuxedo for girls.” Specializes in the synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to the development of femininity and sexuality. Author of a number of methods of release of the sexual instinct.

Татьяна Шевченко

Tatiana Shevchenko - Certified Instructor imbilding. Author and leading trainer fitness areas Mula Yoga initial course imbilding. Certified master of Taoist sexual massage. Combines and successfully practicing the art of management intimate muscles, Taoist Secrets of Love and Eastern energy practice of Qigong.

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